About Doctor Tales

So what’s our story? We are Dr. Bessie DiDomenica and Dr. Patricia Mason, lifelong learners, social entrepreneurs, and two stubborn people who never gave up on our dream to be a doctor. We believe that long-delayed dreams can still come true…

We struggled with setbacks and lost family members along the way. But we never quit. Today we are Dr. DiDomenica and Dr. Mason. We will share our stories of success and failures, strategies and tools to help doctoral students find academic and professional success.

Dr. Bessie DiDomenica
Dr. Bessie DiDomenica

Dr. Bessie DiDomenica is an exceptional policy researcher, talented writer and educator, public speaker, innovator, social entrepreneur, and author. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Policy from Walden University. Bessie had three specialties in public policy: policy analysis, sustainable communities, and public management and leadership.

Her dissertation, Food Policy: Urban Farming as a Supplemental Food Source, explored food policy and the challenges of feeding large populations in urban communities. Bessie maintained a strong academic record in graduate school and is a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha, the National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration, and the American Society for Public Administration. She is also a mentor in the Walden Alumni Ambassador program.

Bessie’s recent activities include two webinars on Our Global Food System: Interconnecting Water, Land and Human Survival at Walden University in 2016 and a presentation at the Just Food? Forum on Land Use, Rights and Ecology, A Conference Exploring Land and the Food System: How Land Affects What We Eat, Who We Are, and the Environment We Live in at Harvard Law School.

Her other activities include a workshop for Food Day in October 2016. Bessie was a panelist in the Kraft Open Classroom series on The Food System: Sustainability, Health and Equity at Northeastern University in April 2017. Her topic was on the Possibilities and Limits of Urban Agriculture. She is also working on a project to present at the Community Food Systems Conference in December 2017. She is currently working on a book and also reviews academic books. Bessie is an Associate Editor for Common Ground Publisher.

Dr. Patricia Mason
Dr. Patricia Mason

Dr. Patricia Mason is a seasoned business leader, Reiko master, author, life coach, communicator, positive thinker, networker, innovator, blogger, and lifelong learner. She earned her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) specializing in leadership and social change from Walden University and serves as an Alumni Ambassador to guide and mentor students. She also has three other business degrees as well as a certified medical assistant degree.

Her dissertation was Diffusion of Electronic Medical Records at Rural Primary Care Clinics. Patti has won Honor roll awards, was on the Dean List, and graduated Suma Cum Laude. She is a member of the Sigma Iota Epsilon, the National Honorary and Professional Management Fraternity, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and the National Allied Health Registry for Certified Medical Assistant. Patti has won writing awards for her poetry.

Patti is a social entrepreneur, consultant, and CEO of Beautiful You, a nonprofit that supplies pillows, hats, scarves, and gloves to cancer patients in her community. She is also writing a book, is a Relay for Life Committee Member and a Girl Scout Volunteer. Her work in the medical field for over 20 years has made Patti an advocate for the elderly and people in need.

Her recent activities include the presentation of her study at the Total Quality Report (TQR) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conventions in 2016. Patti has other pending activities including publishing her study in the TQR and AHIMA journals in 2017.