“Disposable Academic”: Was it Worth It?

I read an interesting piece in The Economist this week. It was a lengthy (11 pages) read about “the disposable academic” and why a PhD has less value than ever before. Value relates to job prospects and the uncertainty of acquiring one.

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PhD Toolkit: Daydreams, Deep Work, and Learning

Our thoughts drive everything we do. Sometime we think too much but in today’s plethora of external noise, sometimes we think too little. As a doctoral student, you’ll tools to gain an advantage. As you understand thinking, you’ll understand learning. Let’s talk about two ways of thinking: daydreaming and deep work.
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Avoid Mistakes on Your Dissertation Journey

Recently, I heard from a friend working on his dissertation. Last I heard from him was several months ago. At that time he was excited because he submitted his prospectus. An approved prospectus means that you can officially start your dissertation.

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What You Didn’t Know About Corruption in Higher Education

Corruption in higher education. You may have heard of it, but did you know it is a global problem? Yes, global.

Educational corruption can happen anywhere – from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Corruption includes plagiarism, degree mills, bribery, embezzlement, inconsistent hiring practices, and fraud.

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Academic Reality Is A Four-Letter Word

Last week, I read a blog about loss and the end of a dream. It was written by an academic who was struggling to re-invent himself. He was a talented physicist who described his 14-year journey from undergraduate to PhD to postdoc research. But suddenly the journey ended. He would not reach his dream of becoming a tenured physics professor. He was a failure.

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