Online Learning for Adult Learners

In the world of online learning, adult learners must gain a certain skill level with the technology (hardware, software, associated equipment, chat rooms). Outdated or unstable technology is a barrier that causes frustration and anxiety for online students.

Moving Beyond the Barriers

Like most people, adult learners have many demands on their time. They pursue their education, work full-time and juggle family obligations.

How do you work around these demands on your time?

Stay motivated. This quality alone is critical for adult learners to thrive in an online learning environment. Remember that online learning is a physical barrier between you, classmates, and instructors.

Reach out and make connections. Be creative and find the resources you need to finish your coursework or dissertation.

Build your support network. Online learning means limited interactivity and few direct interactions with others. A lack of meaningful socializing may cause students to feel secluded and become discouraged. Create a support group to help you get through the process.

Smart, Flexible and Proactive

Online education is extremely flexible, but many times it is a solo experience. Without motivation to complete the work, adult learners struggle with online learning.

Miscommunication is a big problem. Effective communication is important in all areas of life and especially, in the teaching/learning process. Be smart and develop strong writing skills and ask for any help you need.

Be flexible and use multiple methods of communication – phone, Skype, chat, email. The online world is global. Be aware of the time differences before you set up a meeting with your classmates and instructors.

In online education, students are expected to be present, prepared, and participate in class discussions. But the social pressures are vague – students need self-control to organize their time efficiently.

Be proactive and dedicated to your achievements. Make the system work for you.

Online Success

A key to your online success is to avoid the “P” word – Procrastination. If you think flexibility is too convenient, let other demands eat up your time, or think that online learning is easy, your should think again.

Focus on your priorities in life. If you really want success and to earn an advanced degree, you can do it! Online success is very possible for adult learners.

Arise to every challenge and be grateful for the strength you found in the test.

Dr. Bessie and Dr. Patti

Author: Doctor Tales

Doctor Tales Blog

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