Looking Ahead: Other Careers for Academics

As you know, Dr. Patti and I recently completed our doctoral programs. While we believe the world is our oyster, we also are realists about career options. We are looking into new and creative ways to use our education.

If you are like us, you want to have choices or flexibility in your career plans. You can find ways to be a researcher, social entrepreneur, teacher and find work that your truly enjoy.

As we start our journey, we are researching information about alt-ac careers. Here are some resources we found which can help you make a transition outside the world of academia.

According to the Inside Higher Ed article from 2010, Altac (or Alt-ac) is a term that describes two post-PhD or post-doctoral career tracks:

1. Traditional tenure track faculty positions (adjunt faculty, teaching, research, administrative jobs)
2. Jobs outside of academia (research or administrative positions in the public or private sectors).

Some schools have internal groups for Altac professionals

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Altac Project
The UNC Altac Project developed from the work of Donna M. Bickford and Anne Mitchell Whisnant at UNC. They continue to draw “attention to the unique challenges faced by Ph.D.-prepared professionals pursuing non-faculty or “alternate academic” careers within academe.”

Here is an interview with Dr. Bickford:
Alt-Ac’s URI History: An Interview with Donna Bickford

Brown University from The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.
Non-Academic Resources “These resources can help you consider alternatives to traditional faculty careers, both inside the academy and beyond.”

The University of Iowa Graduate College
Alt-Ac Careers

University of Arkansas
Resources on Alt-Ac Careers

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

University of Colorado – Boulder
Non-Academic Job Training for Graduate Students: Transferring Academic Skills to the Non-Academic Job Search

Other Alt-Ac Resources

Chronicle Vitae What is Your Favorite Alt-Ac Resource? by Josh Boldt

More articles from Inside Higher Ed Alt-Ac Careers

The Repourposed Ph.D. Finding Life After Academia – and Not Feeling Bad About It

Chronicle Vitae Jobs board for companies to connect with Ph.D.s looking for alt-ac opportunities? by Adam Lowenstein

Careers for a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
Are You a Born Leader? A Business Administration Career Could Be for You: Here’s what you’ll do in a career in business administration

Preparing in graduate school for the #altac possibility by Emily Mace

The Chronicle of Higher Education by Roger T. Whitson
#Altac and the Tenure Track

Jailbreaking My Academic Career: The life, times, and travels of one alternative-academic PhD by Jessica Collier

We hope you will explore some of these resources as you make your next career transition.

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart..
~~~ Ancient Indian Proverb ~~~

Best wishes,

Dr. Bessie and Dr. Patti


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