“What Can You Be with a PhD”

A doctorate degree can take you anywhere. You can work in many areas including social enterprise businesses, start-ups, non-profits, academia or industries you never thought about for a career. You can be a researcher, scholar-practitioner, academic, scientist, consultant, or social entrepreneur. A yearly event called “What Can You Be with a PhD” (WCUB) Career Symposium at New York University can help you explore your career options. And according to the blog, it’s the “largest career  symposium” in the country. The event was organized by the NYU School of Medicine Postdoctoral Affairs Office.

 Talk the Talk

WCUB is a one-stop shopping experience for graduate students, faculty, and post docs to learn about new careers.

You’ll leave with a toolkit of resources to start a job search. For example, you can create a CV around new language: a “pre-professional experience” is anything you can get paid for. Research and conducting experiments is problem-solving and time management.

Tell Me a Story

Everyone loves a good story and you need to figure out how to tell yours. First, practice explaining your research in detail. Then figure out how to explain it to your grandmother, a stranger, or a prospective employer.

Employers are looking to hire someone who can help them sell a product, an idea and work with a client. Practice your communication skills – writing (good cover letter and CV) and speaking (learn to tell a good story).

Know What’s Out There

The last word from WCUB is to do your homework: Learn how to package your transferable skills and find out what jobs are out there. Look beyond the normal academic and post doc opportunities.

Cast a wide net and remember that a PhD is a degree in learning. Figure out what you can be with a PhD.

Source: What Can You Be with a PhD?


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