Best Top 20 Doctor Tales Blogs for 2017

Doctor Tales is celebrating 15 months of blogging in December! Happily, Dr. Patti Mason and I have posted a blog each week for over a year. We started DTB to share tips and survival strategies for graduate students. And yes, survival is the key word. DTB offers a solid toolkit of ideas to foster your academic and career success. In that spirit, here’s a list of our top 20 favorite Doctor Tales blogs for 2017. In 2018, we’ll continue to give you more ideas for your toolkit. Stop by anytime and join our email list. Thank you!!  PS: Can you guess our favorite blog? Happy Holidays and Good Tidings in 2018!

  • Accidental PhD: (3/24/17) When I started my academic journey many moons ago, earning my PhD was barely a flickering light. Actually, I wanted to go to college because my brother did. I figured if he could do it, then college must be a cool thing. The PhD part was a distant side journey. Or did I get here by accident?
  • A Tale of Terror in Academia: (9/6/17) Learn about a disturbing situation in the world of academia: cyberbullying  or the use of electronic technology to post comments, pictures, videos, and rumors on social media sites. An academic for an online program was threatened with violence – she was threatened with rape.
  • Write to the Finish: (2/10/17) Do you get a brain freeze when you start writing your dissertation? It’s clearly a weak starting point – writing is the foundation of your dissertation. Writing is how you get to the finish line.
  • Academic Reality in a Four-Letter Word: (9/1/17) This is about an academic who was struggling to re-invent himself. He was a talented physicist who described his 14-year journey. But suddenly the journey ended when his funding stopped. He would not reach his dream of becoming a tenured physics professor. He was a failure.
  • Student Veterans: Classroom Role Models: (4/29/17) One group of adult learners are student veterans. According to one source, 74% of all undergraduate students are veterans, work full-time, attend school part-time, have dependents, and are a single caregivers. How can we help student veterans find academic success?
  • What I learned from My ESL Students: (6/16/17) One summer I taught academic writing to a group of ESL adult students. It was a good fit because I finished my doctorate. Scholarly writing was fresh in my mind.
  • School is Not for Everyone: (5/7/17) Education is something in life that is very personal. Sometimes we have a burning passion to do something in the world, that may or may not require a formal education. Life experience is an education in itself and school is not for everyone
  • Critical Thinking Toolkit: (3/3/17) Critical thinking is using your brain to work through challenging ideas. It’s a  process to help us think clearly and make connection between ideas. When you reach your dissertation stage, you’ll need a critical thinking toolkit.
  • Teaching Tips: Prison and Organic Classrooms: (11/3/17) I found an interesting blog about teaching in a non-traditional setting: prison. Rebuilding your teaching style in an ‘unconventional’ classrooms like a prison, offers unique challenges for scholars who are more comfortable in a technology-based setting.
  • 10 Ways to Leverage Your Academic Writing: (10/14/17) Writing is a skill we need to practice. As a grad student or doctoral candidate, writing is at the heart of your plan. Learn about 10 ways to use your academic writing skills.
  • Two Years After: Alt-Ac Careers: (5/7/17) Spring is in the air, pollen is flying and graduation is in bloom. This week many universities are in graduation or commencement mode. It feels great to finish your program, get out of school and start a new life. But now what???
  • Your Passion: How to Write About It: (1/21/17) As a doctoral student, most of your time is spent pounding on the keyboard pouring out your heart and soul to complete your chosen topic. How do you find your passion and focus to keep writing?
  • Building Your Brand: Blog, Publish and Present: (1/1/17) Your brand is a set of values and characteristics that define who you are and guides your choices in life. It is how the world sees you and describes you. Your brand is also your portfolio of knowledge and expertise in an area in which you are known.
  • Ecosystem Under the Words: (3/31/17) Writing the Big D was a BIG step for Dr. Bessie and I. We needed to fill so many gaps in our research and build our writing competencies. The biggest gap for me was to understand how to do the research project. It is critical to comprehend “how to do it.”
  • Avoid Mistakes on Your Dissertation Journey: (9/16/17) Recently, I heard from a friend working on his dissertation. Last I heard from him was several months ago. At that time he was excited because he submitted his prospectus. An approved prospectus means that you can officially start your dissertation.
  • Academic Redux: Is a PhD Still Worth It?: (12/2/17) The holiday season is here! I enjoyed some downtime over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I’m reviewing my career transition plans since I earned my doctorate in 2015. Yes, I’ve wondered if my PhD was worth it.
  • Mentoring is a Two-Way Street: (4/21/17) There’s an ancient proverb that says, When embarking on a journey, never ask directions from someone who has never left home. Dr. Bessie and I know that when you look for a mentor you want someone who has been on the dissertation journey.
  • Social Media Tips for Academics: (10/27/17) Social media can be a time waster or a resource for academics. How do academics use social media?  Is social media even a tool for scholars? If it is, how do you find time to use SM? What is the real value of SM for academics?
  • Dissertation Feedback: Ignore Selective Hearing: (1/27/17) Selective hearing is a human trait – we hear what we want to hear. Feedback on your dissertation can feel like a personal attack. Feedback is a double-edge sword of the good and bad. How do you respond to the feedback about your dissertation?
  • Make Time to Celebrate the Milestones: (7/15/17) This  blog is a reminder to celebrate your milestones throughout your dissertation journey. We can forget to celebrate the small things we do. Each step moves you closer to a new milestone.

Closing note: Dr. Bessie started a new category called Food Policy. She writes about the trends and complexities of our food system.

Dr. Bessie and Dr. Patti

Dear world, I am excited to be alive in you, and I am thankful for another year.
~~~Charlotte Eriksson~~~

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