Willie Nelson and Urban-Rural Ag

Poverty is a worldwide problem. Urban and rural communities in every country struggle to survive. Poverty means food insecurity or economic and social conditions where people have little or uncertain access to enough food. Food insecurity hits people in urban, rural, and peri-urban areas (communities located around cities). While it’s easy to think that food insecurity is just an urban problem, clearly it is not. Hunger is not in a vacuum. Even if food is abundant, many people don’t have enough food on a regular basis. How can we feed more people? What are the connections between urban-rural agriculture?

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Urban Ag Projects Around the World

What is something that reduces food waste, contributes 15% to 20% of the food worldwide, recycles nutrients, and is complementary to rural agriculture? Urban agriculture. That’s right: food that we grow in the city. Peri-urban agriculture (food grown in areas around the city) is also part of this practice. Collectively, urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) can potentially feed 20 million people in megacities by 2020.

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Practicing Your Craft

One of my takeaways from graduate school was that we learned to be scholar-practitioners. Dr. Patti and I continue to transition into our new roles: to conduct research and write as scholars. But the practitioner part is not an easy transition. This part requires an active, conscious effort to apply new knowledge to practice your craft.

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