7 Key Benefits Of Feedback

Let’s face it – most people don’t like feedback. Somehow it feels like a chink in our armor and it’s a reminder that we’re not perfect. BTW, no one fits that mold. And if they do, I’d like to see them leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s easy to talk about how to give feedback. But it’s a harder talk about how to receive feedback, good or bad.

Our first reaction to feedback can be anger, fear, frustration, tension, resistance, irrational thoughts, and feeling defensive. How can we shift our reaction to feedback?  How can we respond to feedback we don’t want to hear? What are the benefits of feedback?

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Creative Careers: Public Intellectual

Public intellectual. A what? How many people have ever heard of one? My guess is probably not many.  A public intellectual (PI) is an expert of sorts.  And while a PI is likely to be a PhD or doctoral student, academia might not be their only home.

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10 Ways to Leverage Your Academic Writing

Writing is a skill we need to practice. As a grad student or doctoral candidate, writing is at the heart of your plan. If you don’t write you won’t finish your program. I try to practice writing daily in my journal, and weekly for my blogs.

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Enter the Abyss: Trust the Process

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