Rejection, Failure and Chasing a Dream

Three years ago this month, I received my doctorate in public policy. Yes, good for me! Graduate school was a lifelong dream for me. But it was a dream deferred. It was my hidden dream, buried in the task of making a living. And my dream didn’t reappear until later in life. It was a time when I was exploring options, asking myself, “Is this all there is?” I’d worked in different jobs for businesses, nonprofits, enforcement, legal to pay the bills.

At each stop on my journey, most people were doing the same thing. Working to pay the bills, waiting for retirement, hoping for a raise – a recipe for true unhappiness. Why unhappy? I was going through 9-5 grind of working without passion. No passion equals boredom and misery loves company. I couldn’t see myself spiraling into the doldrums of misery, looking into the dark abyss of waiting for a better life.

I jumped into graduate school to challenge my brain and rekindle my passion. Time to break out and get busy living. I also adopted a new nick name, Nuttah, the Algonquian name for My Heart (as in follow my heart).

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Mental Health for Doctoral Students

The process of getting your doctorate is challenging enough: juggling family, work and school, personal time, projects for your courses, finding a good advisor, understanding new information, and learning scholarly writing skills.

But there is a steady undercurrent of challenges that are hidden from view. The hidden social and psychological challenges will impact how you feel, act, respond and survive your doctoral journey. Let’s talk about mental illness.

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Online Learning for Adult Learners

In the world of online learning, adult learners must gain a certain skill level with the technology (hardware, software, associated equipment, chat rooms). Outdated or unstable technology is a barrier that causes frustration and anxiety for online students.

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