PhD Toolkit: Smart Is Not Enough

Our DoctorTalesBlog is all about finding success in graduate school. Dr. Patti and I offer advice and tools to help students survive the doctoral process. You’ll find that one of the biggest challenges is in learning new skills: critical thinking, academic writing, commitment, working smarter, persistence, and confidence. Even if you think you already have these skills, you don’t know what you don’t know. And you won’t know until you are tested.

Lots of smart people get into graduate school. But being smart isn’t everything. For example, in the ’90s, 57% of students finished within 10 years – but 30% left their program. But today’s doctoral attrition rate is 50%. What’s wrong with this picture? Why do students leave their program? What factors determine the success or failure of doctoral students today?

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Social Media Tips for Academics

Social media (SM) can be a time waster or a resource for academics. How do academics use social media?  Is social media even a tool for scholars? If it is, how do you find time to use SM? What is the real value of SM for academics?

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Checklist To Start Your Dissertation Journey

Dr. Patti and I talk a lot about finishing your dissertation. Recently I found other blogs that gives advice from the other end: Things to know before you start your doctorate. I discovered some interesting and shared ideas to survive your dissertation journey.

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