PhD Toolkit: Daydreams, Deep Work, and Learning

Our thoughts drive everything we do. Sometime we think too much but in today’s plethora of external noise, sometimes we think too little. As a doctoral student, you’ll tools to gain an advantage. As you understand thinking, you’ll understand learning. Let’s talk about two ways of thinking: daydreaming and deep work.
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Mental Health for Doctoral Students

The process of getting your doctorate is challenging enough: juggling family, work and school, personal time, projects for your courses, finding a good advisor, understanding new information, and learning scholarly writing skills.

But there is a steady undercurrent of challenges that are hidden from view. The hidden social and psychological challenges will impact how you feel, act, respond and survive your doctoral journey. Let’s talk about mental illness.

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Critical Thinking Toolkit

Thinking is something we do all the time. It means using your brain to work through challenging ideas. Critical thinking is not rocket science – it’s a  process to help us think clearly and make connection between ideas. When you reach your dissertation stage, you’ll need a critical thinking toolkit: Journaling, Analysis, Synthesis and Understanding. I’ll describe how I used these tools for my dissertation.

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