Alt-Ac/Post-Ac: Sound Career Choice

In 2017, college student enrollment fell to 901,000 – down by about 69,000 students from 2018. Why? Adult students and veterans are finding jobs rather than going back to school. Today, there is stiff competition between for-profit and nonprofit schools. Why? More schools offer online degree programs. There is a “listening gap” between the public and what higher education (HE) thinks is important.

Why? Complaints about anti-intellectualism and both parents and students questioning the value of a college education. Clearly, HE is in transition. Yet, graduate students continue their elusive search for tenured-track jobs. Is a realistic career track? Is it time to look past the ivy walls? How bad is the academic job market?

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Navigating Today’s Academic Job Market

he world of higher education can be a mystery for many graduate students. Finding a job in today’s academic market is a challenge. Many doctoral students still believe that they will get a tenured job. But is this the best career move? Is it really what you want? Maybe it’s time to get back to basics – why do you need a PhD in the first place?

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