Alt-Ac/Post-Ac: Sound Career Choice

In 2017, college student enrollment fell to 901,000 – down by about 69,000 students from 2018. Why? Adult students and veterans are finding jobs rather than going back to school. Today, there is stiff competition between for-profit and nonprofit schools. Why? More schools offer online degree programs. There is a “listening gap” between the public and what higher education (HE) thinks is important.

Why? Complaints about anti-intellectualism and both parents and students questioning the value of a college education. Clearly, HE is in transition. Yet, graduate students continue their elusive search for tenured-track jobs. Is a realistic career track? Is it time to look past the ivy walls? How bad is the academic job market?

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A Tale of Terror in Academia

This week, I read an article about a disturbing situation in the world of academia: cyberbullying  or the use of electronic technology to post comments, pictures, videos, and rumors on social media sites.

The article describes a case of academic cyberbullying. A program director of an online program was threatened with violence – she was threatened with rape.

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The Upside of Higher Ed Downsizing

The other day I took a peek at my groups on Linkedin. Some groups send weekly newsletters and emails to the members. But it was time for my weekly check in to see what’s going on. What’s happening at my Alma mater?

I happened to find a post on my Walden University group. As you know, Dr. Patti Mason and I are alums from Walden University. We struggled together to get our doctorates – Walden will always have a special place in our hearts.

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