Alt-Ac Career Toolkit: Blogging

Social media is not exactly at the top of the list for many scholars. Whether you’re an alt-ac professional or an academic, you need to share your ideas with the world. One thing I kept in mind as I wrote my dissertation: I didn’t want it to sit in a dark corner, beautifully bound, collecting dust, silent and quiet. I picked my food policy topic because it was  dynamic – our food system is broken and there are different ways to fix it. I’d like to  explore solutions and publish what I find. Blogging is one pathway I use to improve my alt-ac career.

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Looking Ahead: Other Careers for Academics

As you know, Dr. Patti and I recently completed our doctoral programs. While we believe the world is our oyster, we also are realists about career options. We are looking into new and creative ways to use our education.

If you are like us, you want to have choices or flexibility in your career plans. You can find ways to be a researcher, social entrepreneur, teacher and find work that your truly enjoy.

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