How To Avoid Academic Snobbery

Some people believe a popular myth that education is the great equalizer – it’s supposed to level the playing field. Once you have it, doors should open, new adventures and opportunities come your way.

Yes, education is a wonderful tool to help you expand your views of the world, seek new ideas, and understand the power of knowledge.

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Why Scholars Need a Clue About Good Writing: Part III

Anyone in education knows that its culture is in turmoil. Critics of public funds for higher education make the claim that college is a waste of time. Compared to trade schools, college doesn’t guarantee a job, a good income, a retirement plan, or peace of mind. I’ve written a blog, School is Not for Everyone about education as a personal choice. Higher education has a culture of academic snobbery and leaders who support this outdated culture. And part of that culture includes scholarly writing – bad scholarly writing.

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Navigating Today’s Academic Job Market

he world of higher education can be a mystery for many graduate students. Finding a job in today’s academic market is a challenge. Many doctoral students still believe that they will get a tenured job. But is this the best career move? Is it really what you want? Maybe it’s time to get back to basics – why do you need a PhD in the first place?

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