Tips to Engage (Not Bore) People at Academic Conferences

Last month, I started planning my conference and publication agenda for 2018. Some of the best projects are collaborations and I decided to reach out to my LinkedIn groups. I found a conference on urban food systems and sent a message to see if anyone was interested in a presentation or workshop. I want to make my presentation fun and exciting, something that’s hard to find in the world of academic conferences.

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Alt-Ac Toolkit: Freelancing at Academic Conferences

Academic conferences can seem like a strange place for those of us in the alt-ac world. Conferences may not feel like a good fit for freelance academics – as freelancers, we’re not affiliated with mainstream higher education. But academic conferences offer a place to meet and pitch your book to editors, offer a workshop, and present a research paper. Even as a freelance academic, you have a voice as a scholar and expert.

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