Tomorrow’s Food – Today’s Policies

Welcome!  To celebrate World Food Day on October 16, I’m releasing my new blog called Tomorrow’s Food – Today’s Policies or TFTP for short. My name is Bessie DiDomenica, a PhD in urban food policy and food systems. Let’s explore the challenges of feeding people, learn about local food systems, and unravel solutions for our future survival. We all have to eat and we need a resilient plan for animals and tomorrow’s generations of eaters.

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10 Ways to Leverage Your Academic Writing

Writing is a skill we need to practice. As a grad student or doctoral candidate, writing is at the heart of your plan. If you don’t write you won’t finish your program. I try to practice writing daily in my journal, and weekly for my blogs.

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Toolkit for Alt-Ac Survival

If you’ve earned a doctoral degree, you know how to survive. You learned how to live with uncertainty and overcome your fears. What’s next?  What’s your next career move? Work in academia? Be an independent researcher? Start a business? Explore a series of new directions? Or maybe you’re thinking about life as an alt-ac.

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“Disposable Academic”: Was it Worth It?

I read an interesting piece in The Economist this week. It was a lengthy (11 pages) read about “the disposable academic” and why a PhD has less value than ever before. Value relates to job prospects and the uncertainty of acquiring one.

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PhD Toolkit: Daydreams, Deep Work, and Learning

Our thoughts drive everything we do. Sometime we think too much but in today’s plethora of external noise, sometimes we think too little. As a doctoral student, you’ll tools to gain an advantage. As you understand thinking, you’ll understand learning. Let’s talk about two ways of thinking: daydreaming and deep work.
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Avoid Mistakes on Your Dissertation Journey

Recently, I heard from a friend working on his dissertation. Last I heard from him was several months ago. At that time he was excited because he submitted his prospectus. An approved prospectus means that you can officially start your dissertation.

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What You Didn’t Know About Corruption in Higher Education

Corruption in higher education. You may have heard of it, but did you know it is a global problem? Yes, global.

Educational corruption can happen anywhere – from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Corruption includes plagiarism, degree mills, bribery, embezzlement, inconsistent hiring practices, and fraud.

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