Checklist To Start Your Dissertation Journey

Dr. Patti and I talk a lot about finishing your dissertation. Recently I found other blogs that gives advice from the other end: Things to know before you start your doctorate. I discovered some interesting and shared ideas to survive your dissertation journey.

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Write to the Finish Line

Have you ever had a brain freeze when you start writing your dissertation and just stared at your computer screen? Your brain freezes because you don’t know what to write. This is a common pattern for most students in general. It’s clearly a weak starting point – writing is the foundation of your dissertation. Writing is how you get to the finish line.

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Dissertation Process: A Snapshot

Dr. Patti and I have talked a lot about our dissertation journey. Some of you may be in middle of yours. Or maybe you haven’t started yet. The process starts on the first day of class, because the goal is to start and finish your dissertation. Not an easy task for sure. But it’s exciting and doable. So here’s a primer or a quick snapshot of what it looks like.

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Dissertation Feedback: Ignore Selective Hearing

Selective hearing is a human trait – we hear what we want to hear. So when it comes to getting feedback on your dissertation, it can feel like a personal attack. Feedback is a double-edge sword of the good and bad. But when we hear the negatives, that’s all we hear. And we tend to block out the positives.

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Your Passion: How to Write About It

Dr. Bessie and I know that as a doctoral student, most of your time is spent pounding on the keyboard pouring out your heart and soul to complete your chosen topic. We are aware that if you do not truly love writing or your topic, it is impossible to keep focused. Continue reading “Your Passion: How to Write About It”

Enter the Abyss: Trust the Process

Trust is a hard concept to understand when you’re doing something for the first time. During your dissertation journey, you will do many things you never did before: learn critical thinking, develop clear and concise writing, revise and rewrite, and learn to let go. Continue reading “Enter the Abyss: Trust the Process”

Building Your Brand: Blog, Publish, Present

Your brand is a set of values and characteristics that define who you are and guides your choices in life. It is how the world sees you and describes you. Your brand is also your portfolio of knowledge and expertise in an area in which you are known. Continue reading “Building Your Brand: Blog, Publish, Present”