Finding Your Scholarly Voice

Dr. Bessie would probably agree that in the beginning find one’s scholarly voice is often anxiety-provoking and confusing.

It is like you must erase everything you have learned about writing and start from scratch. The anxiety that an author feels is natural when they are first asked to find their voice.

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Surprise! Someone Was Looking

Recently, I attended one of my favorite annual events, the dynamic and always exciting, Massachusetts Conference For Women. I love this event! It’s a day to get energized, network, listen to some fabulous speakers, and re-connect with your personal and professional goals.

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Milestones and Touchstones

Dr. Patti and I sometimes talk about the challenges we had in finishing our doctoral programs. It’s easy to identify the negative challenges: cost of education, limited time for family and friends, the ongoing process of reading and writing.

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Networking for Professional Development

Stay on the lookout.

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you should constantly look for resources to broaden your skills to move your career forward.

Dr. Bessie and I have found that as you transition your career after earning a doctorate degree such as a PhD or DBA, you should never underestimate the power of networking.

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How To Avoid Academic Snobbery

Some people believe a popular myth that education is the great equalizer – it’s supposed to level the playing field. Once you have it, doors should open, new adventures and opportunities come your way.

Yes, education is a wonderful tool to help you expand your views of the world, seek new ideas, and understand the power of knowledge.

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Looking Ahead: Other Careers for Academics

As you know, Dr. Patti and I recently completed our doctoral programs. While we believe the world is our oyster, we also are realists about career options. We are looking into new and creative ways to use our education.

If you are like us, you want to have choices or flexibility in your career plans. You can find ways to be a researcher, social entrepreneur, teacher and find work that your truly enjoy.

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