Social Media Tips for Academics

Social media (SM) can be a time waster or a resource for academics. How do academics use social media?  Is social media even a tool for scholars? If it is, how do you find time to use SM? What is the real value of SM for academics?

As an independent researcher, I use SM to write this weekly blog. I search for articles about survival skills for PhD and graduate students. I also use SM to find ideas for my other blog on urban food policy.

Research Blog

I found an interesting article about how academics can use SM for a research blog. A research blog is different from other blogs: it’s like a public brainstorming process as you work out ideas for your research. You invite feedback, suggestions for research articles, and you’re building a community.

But a research blog is not for everyone. Some academics don’t want to expose their ideas to the public until they finish the research. Others want to protect their ideas.

A research blog helps to organize and access information. Categorize and tag your notes, look for themes in different projects, and easy access to your notes online are other ways to use a research blog.

Land of Opportunity

Social media is also a land of opportunity:

  • Promote your new projects and ideas
  • Announce speaking events and presentations
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Makes you accessible to journalists looking for experts for sounds bites and quotes
  • Invites for collaborations with scholars in other disciplines
  • Keeps people aware of new projects and other events

SM is a good way to communicate with other scholars. Many scholars work in a silo and a SM research blog helps you connect with people and discuss real-world solutions

Choose Wisely

SM is a valuable tool if you know how to use it. Choose to focus your time and plan to save time. You can lollygag anytime on SM. But use your research blog to explore new ideas,  meet other scholars, and promote your projects.

SM is a great resource and can be a background feature for your daily work. Choose wisely and make SM work for you.

Source: Social Media Is Scholarship


Dr. Bessie

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