Benefits of A Doctoral Degree

It’s a great feeling to earn a doctoral degree of any kind – PhD, DBA, DNP, DVM, DSW. Yes, it’s a great feeling for sure. Just think – you can call yourself ‘doctor’, add a new set of letters to your business card, and update your LinkedIn profile with a new title. But what are the real benefits of a doctoral degree in your next career?

Let’s look at the benefits –  you will gain a brand new skill set that will enhance your value on the job market.

Think of new ways to apply, leverage and use them to your advantage. Be creative and  move past your fears.

Outside the Box

You’re a critical thinker, a problem solver and someone who knows how to find answers: (aka research). Employers need people with talents beyond technology.

While texting and monitoring Instragram and Twitter is fun, how do they help your ability to think? As a researcher, you can dig deep, read between the lines, and find answers.

Failure and Success

Your experience in failure is an advantage. When you failed, you continued to work, you didn’t give up. You are not a quitter.

You also know that failure is an expectation along with success in your doctoral journey. You choose to keep moving forward, continue to work on your research. You learn from your failures.

Social Skills

Your program will teach you about team work and collaboration. If you think team work is not a skill, think again.

From my experience, team work is a buzz word that many people in the workplace don’t understand: easy to talk about but hard to put into practice.

Collaboration improves your ability to fill the gaps, to keep projects moving along, or to jump in to help someone who is having trouble. It’s about learning to play with others in the sandbox.

Your social skills in team work will benefit from your doctoral experience and make you a stand out in the workplace.

Uncertainty is a Certainty

Uncertainty is a big challenge in completing your doctoral degree. You have to design your research, conduct the study, follow the data, analyze your findings and make solid conclusions and recommendations.

You may not thrive on uncertainty, but you will benefit from it. You learn to follow your intuition – your research may not produce the expected results, you may learn something unexpected, you might lose a member of your dissertation committee.

Uncertainty is a certainty.

New Knowledge

What’s the difference between a masters and a doctorate? A masters degree means you have mastered a field, a PhD means you have added to your field. Think about it – there is a big difference

Your doctorate gives you the opportunity to create new ideas, new information and add to the existing knowledge base. You are doing research no one else has done before. Innovation and knowledge creation are other tools in your skill set.

As you start you post-doctoral career remind yourself about your valuable tool kit of transferable skills. Repackage and think creatively about ways to fill the needs of your next employer.

There are alt-ac jobs in many industries. Find your niche and take advantage of your skills.


Dr. Bessie

7 Advantages PhDs Have Over Other Job Candidates

A society that fears knowledge is a society that fears itself.
~~~Bernard Beckett ~~~


Author: Dr. Bessie DiDomenica

Food Policy Researcher • Resilient Agriculture Advocate • Public Speaker • Public Policy Wonk • Writer • Teacher • Social Entrepreneur • Associate Editor

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