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As our regular readers know, Dr. Patti Mason and I are alumni from Walden University. Dr. Patti earned her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) specializing in leadership and social change from the School of Management. I earned my PhD in public policy specializing in policy analysis, sustainable communities, and public management and leadership from the School of Public Policy and Administration.

Recently, the school announced a new project with Roadtrip Nation. The television series will follow three doctoral students on their journey to “improve their lives and communities through education.” The series will explore the challenges and rewards of these students as they work toward their academic and professional goals.

The documentary will highlight the social and educational impact on these students’ lives as they earn a terminal degree. The participants are doctoral candidates or students who have completed the required classes and are working on their dissertation.

In addition, the series will highlight an important feature of doctoral students: there is no typical doctoral candidate. Over 3.9 million people over age 25 in the U.S. have doctoral degrees while working full time jobs, raising families, and serving in the military.

Jobs of the future reflect a growing need for more highly educated workers – Walden’s mission supports working adults in any stage (graduate and undergraduate) of their education.

The show will follow the lives of:

  • Crystal Francis, from Walden University working on her a PhD in Public Policy and Administration. She is writing her dissertation on prisoner re-entry and hopes to create tools and pathways for them to become employed.
  • Kylie Yearwood, from Walden University is a pursuing her PhD in Nursing and is a mother of three children. She will write her dissertation on Interdisciplinary Health and wants to have a greater impact on the field of nursing.
  • Jason Vanfosson,  from Western Michigan University is a doctoral candidate in English literature. He believes he “can change the conversation about doctoral students and graduates who decide not to pursue academic careers.”

Walden has supported working adults to achieve their academic goals for over 45 years in the U.S. and in 150 countries. There are over 85 degree programs and 435 specializations. Roadtrip Nation is an award-winning documentary television series and a career exploration organization to help individuals pursue fulfilling careers.

The series will broadcast in early 2018 on local American Public Television stations across the country.


Dr. Bessie

New Roadtrip Nation Documentary to Illustrate the Impact of a Doctoral Degree
U.S. Census Bureau
Roadtrip Nation

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Author: Dr. Bessie DiDomenica

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