Time Management: Priorities or Procrastination?

We live in a busy world and we constantly struggle to manage our time effectively. What is time management?  There are 24 hours and seven days in every week to accomplish tasks, sleep, and play. What we accomplish in these hours depends on how well we manage our time.

The world is moving at a fast pace. It causes our minds to race. We find ourselves thinking about what we need to do, where we need to go, or what we have not done.

Make a List

Making a “to do list” and checking it frequently helps you stay on track. Be sure you set deadlines, delegate the tasks that you can, and prioritize, so you spend time on the most important stuff first.

Getting organized avoids wasting unnecessary time on stuff that is less important. People who stick to a plan seem to get more done and manage their time more efficiently.

Managing your time well can help build your self-esteem. When I meet my deadline I feel good, but when I miss it, I feel bad. There is no point in wasting time. Clear the “to do list” and get your stuff out of the way. Then you have more time for fun things. As Larry the Cable Guy says, just “getter done!”

Make a Plan

Stick to a disciplined schedule and if you have a detour, always have a Plan B. You should always have a Plan B. It is less distracting when things come up. It is a reality of life that things happen that we cannot control. If you have a Plan B, then it is easier to get back on track.

Make a “to do list” first of every week of everything you want to accomplish. Check things off as you get them done through the week. At the end of the week for a month write a reflection of what you have accomplished and what you could have done better.

You don’t need to beat yourself up if you didn’t get your “to do list” done. You just try to do better next week. Reflecting gives you a visual of where you spent your time. It also helps you plan better for the next week.

The bad news is time flies; the good news is you’re the copilot.
~~~ Michael Altshuler ~~~

Best wishes,

Dr. Patti


Author: Dr. Patricia Mason

Co-Founder Beautiful You * Social Entrepreneur * DBA * Positive Thinker * Nature Lover * Poet * Advisory Board Member * Relay Committee * Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

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